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Sorel Liqueur (6 Bottle Bundle) with Candle on us

Sorel Liqueur (6 Bottle Bundle) with Candle on us

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Sorel. Hibiscus flavored liqueur. Made with Moroccan hibiscus, this 'red drink' is blended with Brazilian clove, Indonesian cassia, Nigerian ginger and Indonesian nutmeg.

Sorel. Candle. Nothing smells quite as good as Sorel. Made from Moroccan hibiscus, Nigerian ginger, Indonesian cinnamon and nutmeg, and Brazilian cloves, their scents dance and entice. So we asked our Chief Food Scientist, Dr. Hoby Wedler, to isolate those essential oils, and recombine them in the exact proportions that make Sorel so delicious.


This story began hundreds of years before I was born. This is the story of my ancestors, both African and Indigenous. This is the story of my grandparents, who emigrated from the island of Barbados to the tenements of Harlem NY in the roaring 1920s. I may never fully understand the sacrifices that were made in order for me to carry this story forward. This story has gone on for centuries. I am merely its steward.

And now you are part of the narrative.


May you live forever,

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